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Goggle FAQ

Ashbury Eyewear, goggle specific FAQ

How can I tell what goggle style I have?

Need a new lens for your goggle but unsure what model you have? Send over a photo through our chat bubble or shoot as us an email with a photo and we can let ou know what model you have!. Please keep in mind we have been around for 15+ years and a nu

Why is my lens fogging?

Goggles can fog up when warm and humid moisture enters your goggles and comes into contact with the cold lens, the water vapor condenses into droplets and accumulates between lens layers. Make sure your goggle is fitting snug on your face, you may ne

How should I clean and store my goggles/goggle lens?

Al goggles come with a microfiber bag for cleaning and storage. Gently blot away any moisture on the goggle lens. Do not use gloves or other abrasive materials to clean your goggle lens as is can scratch your lens/ wipe away protective films. Ensure